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Service Points

Transfer Opportunities

When outstanding students add extra-curricular and service activities to their college experience, they create increased opportunities for transfer, scholarships and employment. Active participation in AGS serves as a catalyst for a student’s personal growth and success in life.

Conference and Networking Opportunities

In addition to weekly meetings and social activities on campus, AGS members also may participate in regional and state-wide conferences in the fall and spring. These are great opportunities to meet AGS members from other campuses and to attend workshops on a variety of topics. The state-wide spring conference awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to outstanding members competing from all chapters.

Scholarship Opportunities

AGS promotes an awareness of scholarship opportunities to its members. In addition to the State Conference Awards, members are encouraged to apply for and often receive scholarships from the Golden West College Foundation, the Sigma Pi Chapter, and transfer institutions they plan to attend. Many of these scholarships are awarded based not just on academic grades, but also on extra curricular service and activities in which AGS members participate throughout the year. 

Service Opportunities

AGS members participate in activities that support scholarship, the GWC campus, and the local community. Many activities support campus events such as College Day, Homecoming, the Intercultural Festival, the GWC Patron’s Fashion Show, campus speakers, blood drives, and social activities. Ags members are encouraged to participate in volunteer work on and off campus. Many members help in the Tutoring Center, as Student Ambassadors for the campsu, the the Intercultural Center, or in leadership positions with other campus clubs. Off campus, members may be in church or civic organizations. The Sigma Pi Chapter hosts the campus-wide recognition of outstanding faculty and staff and a similar event to recognize and thenk the GWC Patrons and the GWC Foundation for their support of GWC students.