The Life Science program has a wide range of quality course offerings. These include lecture courses, lecture-lab combinations and on-line hybrid courses. These courses can be taken to complete majors transfer requirements, general education, and as a prerequisite to vocational programs. The department has 8 full-time faculty, 3 classified staff and variable numbers of part-time faculty and student lab assistants to serve our students. The program provides and maintains an outdoor aquatic ecology lab and a partially completed California native plant garden. These facilities provide valuable resources for both the campus community and nearby cities. Life science faculty members are active on many campus committees. Most of the faculty have published laboratory manuals for use in their classes. Over half of the faculty are involved in textbook reviews of texts used in their area of expertise. Members of the Microbiology, Anatomy and Cell Biology faculty have recently attended conferences all over the United States. One was as a speaker at the 2006 Human Anatomy and Physiology Society national conference. Faculty members are involved in the science Olympiad, a competition between local middle and high school students. The biology faculty provides direct support (over $15,000/yr.) by donating the biology lab manual royalties to the GWC foundation. The biology faculty host high school students to give them exposure to biotechnology and college level anatomy and physiology. Departmental supplies and equipment are available for loan to local high schools to support their teaching programs.


  • The biology department has both faculty and staff dedicated to helping students reach their educational goals in the sciences.
  • The biology department offers multiple sections of many impacted prerequisite health profession courses in many different scheduling patterns to meet student needs.
  • The majors program is growing and has high transfer rates to 4 year schools as both science majors and pharmacy students.
  • The department maintains 2 unique outdoor teaching areas, the aquatics center and the California native plant garden.
  • Department faculty have produced or helped produce many educational materials used both on the GWC campus and at other colleges.


Don Lindsay [Chair] 892-7711 ext. 51113 Math/Science 117 dlindsay@gwc.cccd.edu
Frank Baker 892-7711 ext. 51107 Math/Science 202 fbaker@gwc.cccd.edu
MaryLynne LaMantia 892-7711 ext. 58361 Math/Science 212 mlamantia@gwc.cccd.edu
Louis Mikelson 892-7711 ext. 51114 Math/Science 108 lmikelson@gwc.cccd.edu
Stephen Miller 892-7711 ext. 51107 Math/Science 202 smiller@gwc.cccd.edu
Catherine Egan 892-7711 ext. 51125 Health/Science 113
Darla Kelly 892-7711 ext. 51121 Math/Science 107
Candace Brenner 892-7711 ext. 51128 Math/Science 112 cbrenner@gwc.cccd.edu
Holly Van Dorn 892-7711 ext. 51130 Math/Science 111b hvandorn@gwc.cccd.edu
Sharon Reck     892-7711 ext. 51129 Math/Science 107 sreck@gwc.cccd.edu
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