The Social Science Division offers a wide curriculum including transfer courses, general education courses, and courses that will serve a student’s four year major in a Social Science Department at a four year school. Our instruction emphasizes developing general writing and critical thinking skills. We have been and continue to be innovative in online, hybrid and weekend express offerings.


  • Dynamic faculty.
  • Transfer level courses in all departments.
  • General education courses in all departments. - Up to 21.0 units in general education possible.
  • Diverse methods of instruction. - Online, hybrid, weekend express and intersession.


Douglas Larson [Dean] 895-8114 Administration 219 dlarson@gwc.cccd.edu
William Hyde [Chair] [Philosophy] 895-8900 Administration 216 whyde@gwc.cccd.edu
Christopher Drover [Anthropology] 895-8729 Administration 212 cdrover@gwc.cccd.edu
Spencer Carle [Economics] 895-8705 Administration 213 scarle@gwc.cccd.edu
James Reck [Geography] 895-8279 Administration 227 jreck@gwc.cccd.edu
David Moore [History] 895-8264 Administration 225 dmoore@gwc.cccd.edu
C. Sheldon Thorne [Humanities] 895-8302 Administration 229 tthorne@gwc.cccd.edu
Margot Bowlby - [Political Science] 895-8301 Administration 225 mbowlby@gwc.cccd.edu
Joyce Bishop - [Psychology] 895-8304 Administration 221 jbishop@gwc.cccd.edu
Maria Chovan-Nelson - [ Psychology] 714-892-7711 x51053 Administration 220 mchovan@gwc.cccd.edu
Steve Isonio [Psychology] 714-892-7711 x55033 Administration 226 sisonio@gwc.cccd.edu
Nina Jasser [Sociology] 895-8300 Administration 225 njasser@gwc.cccd.edu
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