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Associate Degree for Transfer

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Phone: 714.892.7711 x55082
Fax: 714.895.8243 fax
Mailbox Access: 7 am—10 pm Monday-Friday
Mailroom Office: 8 am—12 noon Monday-Friday Closed on District Holidays
Location: Library 117 (directly across from the Student Center patio area)

Download a mailroom location map [PDF]

If the Mailroom is closed and you need help, call:

There is a telephone located near the Mailroom Office door for your convenience.


Employee mailboxes are located in the Mailroom. Mailboxes are for campus and District business only, no outside advertisement is allowed. Please check your mailbox regularly.



Packages will be delivered by the Maintenance and Operations staff.

Copy Request Drop Box

The Copy Center is closed Friday evening, Saturdays and Sundays. If you have material to be copied, you can leave it in the 'Graphics' mailbox. At your own discretion, you may also leave tests, however it is not advised as this area can be accessed by students. Support staff will pick up these materials and have them reproduced; however, you will need to pick up the completed work order copies from the Copy Center during the week. If it’s not possible for you to come to campus during the week to pick up this material, the Graphics staff will deliver your finished jobs to your mailbox if you indicate in large print on the copy form “SATURDAY OR SUNDAY ONLY CLASS.”


The GWC Bulletin page is your best source for a listing of the latest announcements and workshops. There are also bulletin boards on the Mailroom walls/doors which contain information from the State, CCCD Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, Staff Development, CFCE AFT Local 4794 (Classified Union), CFE AFT Local 1911 (Faculty Union), CCA/CTA (Part-time Faculty Union), and others. Job announcements can be found on the district web site.

Bulk Mail

If you have a mailing that you would like us to send bulk mail, it must consist of 200 or more of the same exact item (contents must also be exactly the same); please make sure they are in zip code order and have the bulk mail insignia printed on the postcard or envelope.


Departments utilizing outside mailhouses should contact Pam Andrews x55082 in advance and provide her with: