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Associate Degree for Transfer
Associate Degree for Transfer

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Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare students by providing them with the entry or advanced level knowledge and skills critical for successful employment. Career programs offer an alternative route to acquiring career skills and to furthering an educational experience.

Golden West College’s CTE programs are designed to provide educational, vocational and technical training that will lead to specialized employment, career advancement, or transfer to a university.

Our career programs are taught by highly qualified faculty who are dedicated to the students they serve and provide them with the best education possible. In addition, they have been designed with the advice and counseling from advisory committee members who volunteer their time to keep our programs current with industry trends and technology advancements.

GWC CTE Programs

Golden West College offers Career & Technical Education pathways in fields that require specialized training, certification, or state licensing. Many of our programs lead to an Associate in Arts Degree with courses that transfer to 4-year universities.

Automotive Technology

Business Administration
Computer Business Applications
Retail Management

Creative Technology
Computer Aided Design & Drafting
Digital Arts
Digital Media

Computer Science
Software Development
Video Game Development


Criminal Justice Training Center
Police Academy
Special Investigators Course
Law Enforcement Semester Courses

Environmental Studies
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Recycling and Resource Management

School of Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing

Specialty Programs
Floral Design & Shop Management

American Sign Language Interpreting


Top 10 Soft Skills for the Workplace

Soft skills are also known as Interpersonal Skills or People Skills. These are skills such as integrity, communication, optimism, business etiquette, flexibility and being a team player. Technical skills (hard skills) and job-related skills are a must, but people who rank high with good soft skills, are generally the people that most employers want to hire, retain and promote.  Well documented studies conducted by Harvard University and Stanford Research Institute report that technical skills and knowledge contribute to only 15% of one’s success while soft skills make up the remaining 85%!
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Federal Gainful Employment Reports
Use the link below to view Golden West College’s gainful employment reports. These reports provide you, the student, with important information regarding the costs, benefits and potential employment options of our certificate programs.
Federal Gainful Employment Reports