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Associate Degree for Transfer
Associate Degree for Transfer

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Salary Surfer

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English Department Part-Time Instructor Contacts

Last Name First Name Email Address
Anderson Perry panderson@gwc.cccd.edu
Anderson Terry P. tpanderson@gwc.cccd.edu
Atherton Anthony aatherton@gwc.cccd.edu
Bergman Martha mbergman@gwc.cccd.edu
Brady Kenneth kbrady@gwc.cccd.edu
Brennan Peter pbrennan@gwc.cccd.edu
Carney Chris ccarney@gwc.cccd.edu
Chao Iris ichao@gwc.cccd.edu
Folayan Elaine S. efolayan@gwc.cccd.edu
Goodman Michael mgoodman@gwc.cccd.edu
Gorrie Kirk kgorrie@gwc.cccd.edu
Hanania Karen khanania@gwc.cccd.edu
Hawk Jennifer jhawk@gwc.cccd.edu
Hunter Ella cynderellah99@yahoo.com
Jereb Claudia cjereb@gwc.cccd.edu
Josifek Jami jjosifek@gwc.cccd.edu
Kabaji Noha nkabaji@gwc.cccd.edu
Kaiser Mifanwy mkaiser@gwc.cccd.edu
Myers Darya dmyers@gwc.cccd.edu
Najm Tariq tnajm@gwc.cccd.edu
Salerno Mark msalerno@gwc.cccd.edu
Sandowicz Ryan rsandowicz@gwc.cccd.edu
Scheys Rene rscheys@gwc.cccd.edu
Strong Margaret C. mstrong@gwc.cccd.edu
Toffler Betsy-Ann btoffler@gwc.cccd.edu
Tyberg John jtyberg@gwc.cccd.edu
Whitchurch Chuck cwhitchurch@gwc.cccd.edu
Whitney Marisa mwhitney@gwc.cccd.edu
Whitney Ian iwhitney@gwc.cccd.edu
Zia Ayesha azia@gwc.cccd.edu
Zuidervaart Genevieve gzuidervaart@gwc.cccd.edu