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August 19, 2011
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Changing our habits has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks in which we can partake.  It takes drive, determination, and ambition.  Yet when we change for the better, the good habits become our foundation, paving the way towards excellence.  As we prepare and begin the Fall 2011 semester, we would like to remind and encourage you to formulate new and healthy habits by utilizing alternative transportation.  There are great resources to assist you in selecting a feasible commute method.  Please visit the websites listed below to begin your healthy and sustainable quest. 

For those of you already utilizing alternative transportation methods, these websites provide additional resources, special event information, and transportation updates.  All the sites offer carbon footprint and commute cost calculators.

Thank you for your participation in creating a healthier environment. 

Have a great Fall Semester!



Oct 3-7   Rideshare Week

What is Rideshare Week?

This annual statewide campaign promotes carpooling, transit and other alternatives to driving alone as a means of easing traffic congestion and improving air quality. OCTA celebrates with a weeklong campaign to promote awareness to Orange County commuters and Employers. Everyone wins when you Share the Ride with a better environment but there are also prizes to win when you Share the Ride. The next Rideshare Week is Oct. 2-7, 2011. But why wait? Start sharing the ride today - visit