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Associate Degree for Transfer

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The Art Department Jewelry courses offered at Golden West College encourage individual expression through the medium of jewelry and small functional metal objects. The courses are designed to allow students to explore a variety of processes under the instruction of a Master Metalsmith. Traditional and contemporary silversmithing techniques are the foundation given for students to develop their craftsmanship as well as design aesthetic. The curriculum offers a multiplicity of methods practiced in the jewelry field such as soldering, cold connections, stone-setting, enameling, hollow-ware, casting, and forging. Many of our students continue in the Jewelry field and exhibit their work, continue on to higher education, and some become designers, developing their own production line.


Jewelry Design - ART G160 - 3 Units
(Formerly known as: ART 160AD)
This course will present an exploration and examination of design, materials, and
processes as they apply to jewelry. Metal fabrication and casting will be explored, in
addition to non-metal materials. Lecture, lab, demonstration. This course may be taken
4 times. Lecture & lab. Optional pass/no pass or grade. Transferable to CSU