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“I added the English 100 Honors at the beginning of the Fall semester 2008. It was the best class of my semester. The class offered a variety of material that included: travel stories, essays, books and movies. All of my classmates were very motivated and helpful. Since the class was small we got to know each other at a more personal level, and therefore we helped each other even outside of class. There were a lot of discussions that allowed us to dissect the material until we got to the real meaning of it. Dr. Tayyar had a lot of energy and dedication in this class and he transmitted it to us every day.”

“One of the things I enjoyed the most was having a small class size. The instructor has an opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level, and gets a chance to challenge you based on your strengths and weaknesses.”

“For me, the diverse array of works and the opportunity to discuss those works in class were the most memorable aspects of Honors English.”

“Once the initial anxiety settled of taking an honors class, I realized it was a class that I will never forget. It was fascinating and there was always something to discuss. Dr. Tayyar was an excellent teacher and made everyone feel welcomed. The readings provided a great amount of ideas and possibilities to discuss and Dr. Tayyar was great at leading the discussions and then letting the students share thoughts of their own. My favorite part of the honors class was the constant learning from the teacher and my classmates. It was fast-paced and there was hardly a dull moment. It is definitely a class that has changed me as a student and how I view things in my life.”