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Estimated Expenses

Estimated Registration and Living Expenses for International Students at Golden West College (Based on a minimum of 12 units per semester.)

Registration Costs* Per Semester
Per Year
[2 semesters]
Non-resident Tuition and Enrollment Fee
[$231 per unit]

$2,772.00 per semester

Enrollment Fee
[$46 per unit]
$552.00 per semester
Health Fee $19.00 per semester
Parking Fee [optional] $30.00 per semester
College Service Charge $17.00 per semester
Total: $3,390.00 per semester
Estimated Living Expenses
Housing $650.00 per month
Utilities $50.00 per month
Food $250.00 per month
Transportation $50.00 per month
Other Expenses
Health Insurance [required] $603.00 per semester
Books and Supplies $350.00 per semester
Estimated Total:

* Golden West College may charge additional fees for materials used in class. All fees are subject to change by the State Legislature and/or other governing boards.

Scholarship applications are considered by GWC upon completion of a minimum of 12 units and are subject to specific curricular and extra-curricular criteria. Award amounts are modest and cannot be relied upon as any portion of the required sponsorship. Immigration policy restricts international student employment.

All fees are due at the time of registration.