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Kinesiology Courses

KINESIOLOGY G100 - 3 Units
Introduction to Kinesiology

(Formerly known as: PPE G180, The PE Profession)
This course is an introduction to the interdisciplinary approach to the study of human movement. An overview of the sub-disciplines (e.g. physiology, biomechanics, exercise & sport psychology) in kinesiology will be provided along with career opportunities in the areas of teaching, coaching, allied health, and fitness professions. Courses in lifelong learning and self-development provide the opportunity to equip learners for lifelong understanding and development of themselves as integrated physiological, social, and psychological beings. Lecture. Letter grade only. Transferable to CSU; UC.

KINESIOLOGY G101 - 3 Units
First Aid/Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

(Formerly known as: Health Education G125, Health Education G112)
A course in CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and basic first aid. This course will cover emergency care of the ill and or injured, including; recognizing and treating life threatening emergencies such as breathing, choking, cardiac emergencies, severe bleeding, and shock. The treatment of soft tissue injuries like burns, musculoskeletal, head, neck, and back injuries. The treatment of medical emergencies such as sudden illness, poisonings, hypothermia and hyperthermia. American Red Cross first aid certificates and American Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR certificates are awarded to students upon successful course completion. This course may be taken four times. Lecture. Letter grade only. Transferable to CSU; UC.

KINESIOLOGY G281 - 3 Units
Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

(Formerly known as: PPE G160 - Athletic Training)
Introduction and application of basic principles to the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. This course applies basic principles of anatomy, physiology, pathology and biomechanics to athletic injuries. Lecture. Letter grade only. Transferable to CSU; UC.