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Nursing Program Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the application requirements?

Complete the four mandatory courses with a grade of “C” or better: Bio G220-Human Anatomy, Bio G225-Human Physiology, Bio G210-General Microbiology and English G100-English Composition or equivalent (English AP score of 3 or higher), with a minimum 2.5 GPA. (Please note that the science courses must have been completed within the last 5 years). Pass the TEAS V with a score of 62% or higher on your FIRST attempt to be eligible to apply. (Visit the ATI website to prepare for the TEAS V exam). Be in adequate health to perform the duties of a Registered Nurse. A Golden West College student ID# is required to apply to the nursing program.

What is the application process?

We accept applications once a year (January) to select students for the following fall and spring semesters. Please review the information on our website at by scrolling down & clicking on the ICONS, most of your questions can be answered there. Selection is based on meeting the eligibility requirements and the multi-criteria points. Please review the instructions and application which can be found under the "How to Apply" icon.

Does Golden West College offer TEAS V testing? If so, when?

Occasionally, GWC School of Nursing offers the TEAS V exam; check the nursing website for dates and times.

What is the application deadline?

The deadline is yearly in January but varies depending on semester dates. Check online for official deadline dates.

What are the minimum points (on the multi-criteria grid) required to be accepted?

The minimum points required are continually changing based on the applications received; therefore, we cannot provide an exact number. As with anything: the higher the points, the higher the opportunity.

How are students selected?

All complete applications that are submitted by the deadline are evaluated based on the multi-criteria grid. Each applicant must provide their total points in the designated space on the Multi-Criteria Grid and Application Checklist.

All qualified applicants are ranked based on points earned in the multi-criteria. Students with the highest number of points are then randomly selected to fill two semesters FALL & SPRING until all spaces in the program are filled.

Students who are eligible to enroll in nursing coursework must submit required paperwork by specified deadlines or their space will be given to an alternate.

Qualified applicants who are not selected for entry are encouraged to re-apply during the next application period.

Do you have a wait list?

No. Qualified applicants who are not selected for entry are encouraged to re-apply during the next application period (yearly in January).

Can I still apply/be accepted into the program if I do not have a clear background (i.e.: DUI, misdemeanor, other criminal conviction)?

Yes, you can still apply to GWC School of Nursing. If you are accepted, you are then required to complete a background check to be eligible to participate in the clinical component. Students currently serving a court-ordered probation may not attend clinical at most hospitals, based on contractual requirements. This may prevent a student from completing the nursing program. If your background is not cleared, you will need to meet with the Director of Nursing to discuss your situation. This is required of all students who have any records. All records must be reported to the Board of Registered Nursing after completion of our program, it doesn’t matter if it was expunged. Please visit the Board of Registered Nursing’s website to research which background issues would prohibit you from taking the licensing exam.

**Students who complete the program are not guaranteed the ability to take the licensing exam – that is determined by the BRN**

How much does the program cost?

Approximate cost to start program $2,612.00
Approximate cost of entire program $6,286.00
*estimated costs include all materials & fees, books, stethoscope, uniform, tuition, parking, CPR, malpractice insurance, etc.
**Costs subject to change

What does the course curriculum include?

For course curriculum, units, and class descriptions please refer to the GWC catalog by visiting this link: (please be advised that all courses are subject to revision). You can also check the School of Nursing handbook for more information:

What clinical sites do you assign students to?

Our clinical contracts are currently with local hospitals close to GWC community and vary each semester.

Are clinical hours assigned or are any elective?

All clinical hours are assigned/mandatory; none of the hours are elective.

Is there a simulation lab?


Do you offer an in person orientation for your program and/or application information session?

No, all information regarding application, the process, the selection process, cost, etc; can be obtained on our online orientation.

Is there someone that I can make an appointment to talk to that could give me some information about the application process?

All application information and process is available online at: . Complete the online orientation for more information.

Is there any way I can schedule a counseling session to get more information?

Golden West College School of Nursing does not have a counselor in the office. Contact Golden West College Counseling Department - counselors are available to assist you with educational planning and course selections.

Is there a course equivalency form to know whether classes I'm taking (or previously have taken) will be equivalent?

Yes, on the website click on the icon “Interested in Becoming a nurse” and look at the document for the “Region 8 Colleges.”

*If courses are taken outside of the region 8 schools, you may seek additional transcript assistance through the GWC counseling office.

According to the Board of Registered Nursing, I am required to take some additional course(s) (i.e.: OB/Pediatrics; medical/surgical; etc.) Do you offer these classes?

GWC School of Nursing does not currently offer individual nursing courses. All nursing content must be completed in its entirety as a Program.

I am interested in applying to your LVN-RN bridge program…

The LVN-RN Career Bridge Program is contingent upon available funds and offered during the summer. Please check the website for frequent updated information on the program and the application process.

Are courses available evenings, weekends, or online?

No, currently GWC School of Nursing does not offer evenings, weekends, or online courses. The program is a full-time commitment. Clinical hours vary from 10-15 hours per shift, in addition to hours in course work, simulation lab, etc.

What are the current accreditation(s)?

California Board of Registered Nursing ( Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing ( Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (

What are the different types of RN programs?
  • Associate degrees (two-year programs) are offered at technical schools, community colleges, or universities. They focus on a core of nursing information, the sciences, and general education to support nursing. These programs provide the foundation to enter the nursing discipline at a beginning level.
  • Baccalaureate degrees (four-year programs offered at colleges and universities) prepare nurses to provide comprehensive service to individuals, families, groups, and communities. These programs are designed to develop critical thinking and nursing skills at a higher level.

*All programs prepare students to sit for the same National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), which tests for entry-level competency and safety, and which is required to become a registered nurse. The difference is in the academic credential conferred by the hospital, college, or university. Many facilities will hire RNs from any level of program; others hire only those with associate or baccalaureate degrees, while a few accept the baccalaureate degree only. Most management opportunities go to those with the higher degrees. A baccalaureate degree in nursing is needed to pursue graduate nursing education.

What are the NCLEX passing rates for GWC School of Nursing students?

Updated results can be found at: scroll down until you see Golden West College.