GWC Patrons
GWC Patrons

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Associate Degree for Transfer

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Salary Surfer

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Patrons Officers 2014-15

President Jacki Wirta
1st VP, Programs Dr. David Chipman
2nd VP, Memberships Val Wannall
3rd VP, Ways and Means Linda Axel and Anne Gillespie
Secretary Kathleen Martin
Treasurer Jessica Garin
Parliamentarian Jo Andrews
GWC Representative Bruce Berman

Committees 2014-15

Art Gallery June Dugmore
HB Coordinating Council Rep. June Dugmore
50/50 Drawing Laura Poole
Inspirational Norma Brandel Gibbs
Luncheon Chair Pat Davis
Luncheon Co-chair Billie Slutsky
Luncheon Decorations Joan Furtsch
Luncheon Greeter Margie Bunten
Newsletter Valerie Wannall
Scholarship Joanne Bumm
Sunshine Jo Andrews
Telephone Valerie Wannall