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Geology Courses

GEOLOGY G105 - 3 Units
General Geology

This is a course designed specifically for non-science majors desiring a three unit non-laboratory survey course in geology. Including an introduction the Scientific Method and how it applies to natural processes on Earth. Content includes coverage of both the physical and historical aspects of geology with emphasis on recent discoveries of plate tectonics. Students will study topics from physical geology such as minerals, rock classification, surface processes, structure and interior processes responsible for landform development. This course will also cover historical topics such as the geologic time scale, fossil record, Earth’s history and evolution of life from marine organisms to land plants and animals. UC credit limitations: No credit if taken after Geology G110. Lecture. Letter grade only. Transferable to CSU; UC.

GEOLOGY G106 - 4 Units
Earth Science for Teachers

This lecture/laboratory study of introductory Earth Science includes physical and historical geology, physical oceanography, and meteorology. The subjects covered are part of the state of California science standards for K-12 classes. Emphasis will be placed on how these topics should be addressed by teachers within the California Science Framework. A field trip will be required. Lecture & lab. Letter grade only. Transferable to CSU.Offered spring semester only.

GEOLOGY G110 - 4 Units
Physical Geology

(Formerly known as: Geology G100)
An introductory survey of physical geology and the scientific method. This course includes the internal and surface processes responsible for shaping the Earth and formation of natural resources and geologic landscapes. Past and present geologic processes such as mountain building, climate change, and the evolution of life in the fossil record will be covered. Resource extraction, identification of minerals and rocks with the natural processes are covered in lecture and laboratory work. Recognition of geologic hazards both natural and human caused. Utilizing Geographical Information Systems (GIS), maps, digital satellite images are included in laboratory work. Lecture & lab. Letter grade only. Transferable to CSU; UC.