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Welcome to the Golden West College Writing and Reading Center

The Writing and Reading Center offers many short courses that help students improve their reading and writing skills. The courses focus on understanding college-level texts, writing essays and research papers, and improving vocabulary and grammar skills. All courses include one-on-one tutoring with experienced instructors. Each course can be taken for units of credit, and all courses are open for enrollment until week 12 of the semester. Fee varies from course to course. Please call for additional information.

Some things students have said about us: 

“Thanks to the center, I passed English 10 last fall.  I highly appreciate this center!”

“I use the Writing and Reading Center for two English classes, 009 and 036. The help here is very nice, and I enjoy it here.” 

“I wish I would have signed up a long time ago!”

“I was skeptical about this center before I enrolled.  Now, my attitude toward the Writing and Reading Center is totally different.  The center has given me a lot of new knowledge, and I really appreciate the tutors and instructors.  They help me any time I need it.”

“The Writing and Reading Center has been extremely helpful.  I have been away from school for many years; and when I was in school, English was my weakest subject.  The center has helped me improve my vocabulary and writing skills.”