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Associate Degree for Transfer

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UC Transfer Admission Guarantees


A TAG is a written agreement between the student, the community college and a specific university within the University of California (UC) system, which states that if the student meets the requirements, the student is admitted to the university. The TAG helps the student to understand

A TAG is a free, quick and easy way to determine if the student is eligible for admission to a specific university within the UC system. The TAG secures a seat at a selected university, provided that the student meets the conditions specified in the agreement.


It depends on the school that the student wants to attend. A TAG is generally written ONE YEAR BEFORE the student plans to transfer. Most universities require that a minimum of 30 units are completed prior to submitting a TAG application. 


Students can write one (1) TAG from a choice of seven (7) participating UCs. If transfer plans change, students are not obligated to attend the TAG schools.  However, TAG agreements are university specific and may not be altered or substituted for another university.  So, if a student decides to go to a different university than was specified in the TAG agreement, the agreement may not be applied to another university

If the student completes a TAG, he or she will be given first consideration for admission to the selected university. The student must complete agreed-upon general education
courses, and courses in the student's major, with a specified minimum GPA by the date
specified in the TAG agreement.

TAGs are available for the following schools: