Institutional SLOs (iSLOs)

iSLOs are the knowledge and skills every student who receives an Associate of Arts Degree at GWC is expected to be able to demonstrate.

  1. Specialized Subject Knowledge (Majors) – Demonstrate a depth of knowledge, skills, and abilities in a particular major.
  2. Broad Knowledge – Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts and methods in the sciences, humanities, and arts.
  3. Analytic skills – Identify, evaluate, and apply a variety of methods to solve problems.
  4. Information competency skills – Determine the scope of information needs; locate and retrieve relevant information; organize, analyze, and evaluate information; and understand the ethical and legal issues surrounding information and information technology.
  5. Quantitative skills – Convert information into relevant symbolic and mathematical forms (e.g. equations, graphs, diagrams, tables), provide accurate explanations of information presented in mathematical forms, and successfully perform calculations and symbolic operations.
  6. Oral and written communication skills – Produce clear and well-organized communication appropriate to the intended audience, context, and goal of the communication.
  7. Applied Learning – Demonstrate how theories and practices learned in academic settings can be applied and integrated into personal and professional pursuits.
  8. 8. Lifelong Learning – Demonstrate life-long learning strategies that are based on on-going self-assessment, education, and acceptance of personal responsibility.

iSLO Assessment Schedule: Two iSLOs per year (Assess in Fall, Dialogue and change in Spring).