Program Review

Program review is the primary mechanism by which Golden West College identifies the objectives and resources needed to fulfill our educational mission. All programs (instructional and non-instructional) are expected to complete a review on the same two-year cycle. Programs that do not complete their report are not eligible to receive additional funding for one-time requests, classified positions, faculty positions, or facilities requests.

The program review report follows a basic SWOT analysis format (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). However, it also contains sections for departments to report:

  • budget expenditures and revenues,
  • curriculum and course student learning outcomes activity,
  • program student learning outcomes
  • progress on prior cycle objectives, and
  • new objectives for the next cycle
  • requests for resources


2014- 15 Resource Request Rating Processes

Classified and Non-Personnel

Fall 2013 Resource Request Rating Processes
Faculty        (Faculty Request Academic Senate Final Rankings)
One-time Requests Greater $10,000
One-Time Requests Less than $10,000


Completed Reports:  2012-13


Timeline:       2012-13               

Forms and Data Tables:          2012-13


GWC Planning and Decision-Making Guide   .pdf

Summary of Changes to Program Review    2012-13      2007-08

Past Prioritized Resource Request Lists Results

Classified Positions     2008     2006

Faculty Positions        2011    2010    2008    2006

One-Time Funds        2010     2006