Program Vitality

The purpose of the Program Vitality Review Process is to determine the vitality and continued viability of a program in response to concerns identified during Program Review regarding significant changes in enrollment, labor market demand, faculty availability, or facility and equipment costs and availability.  This Program Vitality Review Process provides an opportunity to gather more data and information in response to these concerns.  The evaluation may lead to program revitalization or suspension.


Description of the PVR Process


PVR Report Template

Student Services

Description of the PVR Process


PVR Report Template

PVR Follow-up Procedures



Transfer Center PVR Final Report (Revitalization)

Dean David Baird’s Letter Recommending Transfer Center for PVR


President’s Response and Approval of Program Vitality Review Recommendations(Digital Media, Design, Diesel Tech, Auto Collision, ET and ES)

Vice President Instruction PVR Follow-up Recs letter to the President (Digital Media, Design, Diesel Tech)


Vice President Instruction, PVR Recommendations 

Automotive Collision Final Report (Suspension)

Environmental Studies /  Engineering Technology Final Report (Suspension-Reorg to Energy)

VPI, Lois Miller, Letter Recommending the programs for PVR


Design Final Report (Revitalization)

Honors Final Report (Revitalization)

Visual Arts (Art, Digital Art, and Photography) Final Report (Revitalization)

VPI, Lois Miller, letter recommending programs for PVR


Audio Entertainment Technology (previously Recording Arts) Final Report (Suspension-Reorg to DM)

Broadcast Video Production Final Report (Suspension-Reorg to DM)

Computer Business Applications Final Report (Revitalization)


Athletics Final Report (Suspension of some teams and Revitalization of others)

Diesel Technology Final Report (Suspension)

Information Technology Final Report (Suspension)