Student Success Scorecard

  • The Student Success Scorecard is a new accountability tool that measures student performance at each community college in a clear and concise way. It will help concentrate the focus of educational leaders on improving student success.
  • This new set of performance metrics makes California Community Colleges perhaps the most transparent and accountable system of public higher education in the nation and is designed to help more students achieve their educational goals on time.
  • The scorecard results make it clear how important preparation for college is to student success, showing that if students come to college well prepared they complete certificates and degrees and/or transfer at rates in exceeding 70%.  However if they are in need of remediation their success rate drops below 50%.
  • For the first time colleges will have clear data regarding student success by race, ethnicity, gender and age to help them focus on closing performance gaps.
  • The scorecard is one of a series of steps taken by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to increase the number of students who earn certificates and degrees or transfer to four-year institutions.
  • The system’s Student Success Initiative is vital to California’s economy. Two-thirds of all jobs in California by 2018 will require some level of college education.
  • Students, parents, community leaders and policy makers can use the scorecard to track the rate of students completing certificates and degrees and transfer. The scorecard also measures how effectively colleges move students through remedial and career technical instruction.
  • Success measures also include intermediate outcomes, such as completion of 30 units, which research demonstrates is a “momentum point” closely correlated with completion and wage gain.
  • The scorecard is not intended as a way to rank colleges, but rather to provide benchmark data that will focus attention on sustained institutional improvement over time.

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