The Clothesline Project

The Intercultural Program, in collaboration with the Psychology Club, will be putting on an event called The Clothesline Project. This event is centered around the issue of sexual and domestic violence and abuse.

Everyone, men and women, need to be aware of the extent of the problem as a precursor to changing attitudes about it. And it’s important to show support for those women AND MEN who’ve been affected by violence against women.

This is a disturbing subject for everyone, both men and women, and I’d like to encourage you to stop by our t-shirt making workshop to open up dialog. This workshop will take place in the free speech area from noon to 4. The Clothesline Project will be on display in the central quad on Thursday, April 10th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm.

If there is a student who wishes to participate, but wants/needs a t-shirt made for them (instead of making it themselves), we have plenty of students who will be volunteering to make sure this happens. The t-shirts will primarily be made on Wednesday and will be displayed on Thursday. We will be giving students the opportunity to make them on Thursday during the display, if they did not get the opportunity to make one on Wednesday.

Please see the link below for the flyer on the event, and the following is the link that will explain the event in detail:

Clothesline Project Event Flyer