Club Advisor Information and Resources

Welcome Club Advisors,

Thank you for accepting this role as advisor to a student club.  The Office of Student Life and Leadership is here to help you in your role as Club Advisor.

Club Advisor Handbook  – The following is an important resource for all club advisors, as it contains the answers to many commonly asked questions. Please click on the link to access the Club Advisor Handbook.

ICC Advisor Handbook Spring 2014

ICC Meetings –  To remain an active club on campus, clubs may not have more than two consecutive absences from ICC meetings and cannot miss more than half of the ICC meetings in one semester.

Spring 2015 ICC Meeting Dates:

February 10

February 24

March 10

March 24

April 14

April 28

May 12

There will be various opportunities for clubs to participate in campus life activities.  These opportunities will be announced at the ICC meetings so please be sure you have an ICC representative or alternate attend these meetings.  College clubs are a part of campus life and we encourage you to participate in the various activities planned throughout the semester.