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Golden West College Clubs

Office of Student Life and Leadership, Student Center 2nd Floor
(714) 895-8261

Joining a campus club is an opportunity to enrich your academic experience at Golden West College. There are clubs of all types on campus that change periodically with the changing interests of students. Club organizations focus on a variety of topics including student interests, community service, and social activities.
New clubs are being developed each semester and advisors are always needed.

There are five basic steps to start a club at Golden West College:
1. Pick up a petition in the Office of Student Life and Leadership and obtain the signatures of 10 currently enrolled students.
2. Obtain a faculty or staff member who is employed by the District.
3. Obtain review and approval from ICC and the Office of Student Life and Leadership.
4. Submit a written constitution within 30 days of club approval.
5. Abide by the “Clubs and Organizations Minimum Standards” set by the Office of Student Life and Leadership.

New clubs are being developed each semester and Advisors are always needed. For more information contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership at
(714) 895-8261.

Inter-Club Council

Inter-Club Council student clubs and organizations are governed by the Inter-Club Council (ICC). ICC assists clubs in fundraising, outreach, and promoting club events on a cooperative basis. Each club is required to appoint one representative to attend bi-monthly ICC meetings to remain active. The ASGWC Vice President of Club Affairs chairs this Council. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to support student sponsored clubs and events. All club members have a voice through the ICC. The bi-monthly meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, from 1-2 p.m. in LRC 250. The ICC provides an effective, organized, and equitable process for all clubs to thrive. Each semester, ICC, with the collaboration of ASGWC, co-sponsors Club Rush, which provides interested students an opportunity to learn about various clubs on campus and allows for clubs to promote campus life.

Alliance for Cultural Advancement – The purpose of the organization shall be to foster an in-depth and multicultural approach and understanding to contemporary and historical topics that include issues of race, class, or gender. The ACA seeks to promote consciousness and social justice employing discussion, debate, respect, and unity. The ACA also will magnify multiple cultures and traditions for the purpose of learning, respecting, and understanding each other; for the development of modern, cultured, and conscious community. Advisor: Dr. Giovanni Hortua at or Lorena Ortega at ext 58906 or

Alpha Gamma Sigma (Honor Society) Sigma Pi Chapter – This is the California community college academic honor society. Membership requires a current and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. Dues are $12 each semester. AGS promotes scholarship and leadership skills and provides opportunities for service to the campus and local organizations.  All members receive special recognition at the GWC graduation ceremony.  Advisors: Valerie Venegas at ext. 55117 or  and Jan Davis at ext. 52965 or

Business Economics Club – The purpose of the club is to enhance discussions of business economics issues among GWC students and the local business sector.  Advisor: Jennifer Bailly at ext. 51287 or

California Nursing Student Association (CNSA) – The purpose of this organization is to increase professional awareness and growth of nursing students. Advisor: Deborah Goldstick at ext. 51234 or

Christian Club – The purpose of this club is to introduce students to the Bible and give students an opportunity to grow in their faith. Advisor: Bud Benneman at ext. 52488 or 

Circle K Club – Circle K International is college and university students who are responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service worldwide. Advisor: Stephanie Bridges at and Juliann Power at ext 55275 or and Michelle Neal at ext 58792 or

Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Club – The purpose of this club is to provide awareness and preparation to the student body, staff, and the community in the event of a disaster. Advisors: Valerie Venegas at 55117 or

Computer Science Club – This club enables students to discuss and review current issues related to operating systems, software development, cyber security, networking, databases, and mobile computing. Students have an opportunity to implement and test software solutions beyond topics covered by the curriculum under the supervision of the faculty adviser. Also, under the guidance of the Office of Student Life and Leadership, students can participate in campus wide activities.  Advisor: Christian Racataian at

Cosmetology Club – The purpose of this club is to enhance our members’ education, professional ethics, social skills, and personal development through their involvement in club activities. Advisors: Evangelina Rosales  at 58182 or 51031 or  and Jon Holland at ext. 58115 or

Cosplay Club – The purpose of this club is to provide a safe environment and foster the cosplay sub culture, Students will participate in local events to promote both the campus and the club.  Advisor: Deborah Birnie at 51125 or

Doctor Who Club-The Doctor Who club is an association of Whovians that meet to discuss and experience all things Doctor Who. Activities include attending nearby screenings at Bella Terra, holding screenings for the club in GWC classrooms, and attendance of appropriate conferences. Advisor: Travis Vail at and Bud Benneman at ext. 52488 or 

Environmental Sustainability Association – The purpose of this association is to foster multi-disciplinary understandings of sustainability across the GWC campus in support of sound practices, projects, and educational activities. Advisors: Bud Benneman at ext. 52488 or 

EOPS/CARE/Former Foster Youth Club – The purpose of this club is to provide a support system for students, promote cultural awareness through student involvement, give back to the campus and community, and create a positive experience for new and returning students. Advisors: Michelle Sambrano at ext. 51161 or  and Lorena Perez at

Entrepreneurship Club – The GWC student Entrepreneurship Club will enable student to discuss, network, and explore aspects of starting and managing a business.  Club activities will include leading or participating in entrepreneurship activities on campus, meeting with community entrepreneurs and small business resources/advisors, and take entrepreneurship-education field trips.   Advisor: Bern Baumgartner at

Ethics Bowl Club – The purpose of the club is to have an open forum to further enhance communication skills through the art of debate with a focus on ethical issues and competing in intercollegiate debate competitions. Advisor: Noah Levin at ext. 51062 or

Future Teachers Club – The purpose of this organization shall be to prepare students with an interest in education for transfer to a four-year university. The club shall also act as a forum to exchange ideas on teaching and preparation for a teaching career. Advisor: Bridget Gergens at 714-501-2570 or

Gay Lesbian Alternative Straight Alliance (GLASA) – The purpose of this club is to raise awareness of the rights of the GLBT community and to promote a safe environment for greater understanding of the GLBT community. Advisors: John Tornow at ext. 51027 or

Genealogy Association of GWC – The purpose of this club is to offer the opportunity to research family history and culture. Advisor: Karen Funk at ext. 58721 or  and Heather Sanchez at ext. 58261 or

International Student Club – The purpose of this club is to provide an established organization in conjunction with the International Students Program that offers a community of support to international and resident students. Club members plan activities to familiarize themselves with the culture of the U.S. and share with the GWC campus the different cultures that students represent for better awareness and mutual understanding. Advisor: Nikki Phan at ext. 58792 or and Lori Havrilla at ext. 51007 or

Internet Radio & TV Club – The club is a group of students interested in operating an Internet radio and television station.  If you are interested in a career as an announcer, disc jockey, news, and/or a sportscaster, contact advisor Warren Carter at ext. 58798 or

Mi Casa Club – The purpose of this club is to foster and promote the academic and personal success of ethnically diverse students. The club encourages student advocacy, personal support, and transition beyond community college. Advisor: Americo Lopez-Rodriguez at ext. 51153 or

Muslim Student Association – The Muslim Student Association will serve to unite Muslim as well as non-Muslim students of various backgrounds through the virtues of brother/sisterhood. The club hopes to increase knowledge and awareness of Islam through community service, interfaith dialogue, and group discussions. Advisor: Abe Tarango at ext. 52454 or

N.E.R.D. (Nitor Edoceo Reapse Discipulus) Club – This is an association for science students. Advisors: Travis Vail at ext. 51117 or Bud Benneman at ext. 52488 or and Annamaria Crescimanno at ext. 51064 or

Peace and Leadership Club – The purpose of this club is to build a culture of peace; to create peace within ourselves, our community, our country, and our world. Advisor: Farzane Farazdaghi at ext. 52576 or

PUENTE Club – The purpose of this club is to provide academic support and community service opportunities to students in the PUENTE Program. Advisor: Nancy Fong at ext. 52409 or

Psychology Club – The purpose of this club is to provide a forum in which students interested in psychology can interact with each other.  The meetings are designed to to fill a number of functions including providing an opportunity for people to get to know one another, to meet to talk about issues, to learn more information about courses and the department, to discuss jobs and share volunteer opportunities, and to get to know the psychology faculty in a more casual environment.  Advisors: Steven Isonio ext. 55033 or Maria Chovan ext. 51053 or  or  Laura Duvall at 51073 or

Sign Language and Interpreting Club – The purpose of this club is to give students a way to practice signing, learn more about interpreting, and network for the future. Advisor: Kim Pascoe at ext. 55152 or

Student Veterans Organization – The purpose of this club is to assist in Veterans’ transition from military to student life. Advisor: Michael Carrizo at ext. 58143 or

Tennis Club – The purpose of this club is to provide a place for people to play tennis and meet people with a common interest. Tennis is a lifetime sport and can assist in living a healthy lifestyle. The club provides a chance to meet new people, offers competitive play, is a great workout, is endless fun, offers help to sharpen your skills and to learn new ones, and can accommodate all levels of players. Advisor: Karen Dickerson at at ext. 52357 and Bill Lawler at

Vietnamese Catholic Student Association –the purpose of this Association is to established to develop leadership skills as well as to raise awareness of social responsibilities and charitable services to encourage students to be engaged and involved in the community and to live a catholic faith. Advisor: Julie Nguyen at

The Writers Bloc – The purpose of this club is to appreciate, understand, and develop the craft of writing. The club’s goal is to provide a student publication to recognize excellent creative expression. Advisor: Mifanwy Kaiser at 53027 or  and Bud Benneman at ext. 52488 or 

Student Involvement Starts With You!
Student Representation on Campus Committees
Students are needed to serve on a variety of campus-wide committees. Students are encouraged to be an active voice in the decision-making process called Shared Governance. If you would like to be part of this collegial experience where you can work with faculty, staff, administrators as well as other student leaders, contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership and set up a meeting with the ASGWC President today.

Top 5 reasons for being an active student leader:
• Scholarships
• Résumé Building
• Letters of Recommendation
• Meet new friends
• Increase your awareness of your community