New Automatic MySite Password Recovery Function

On August 5th, the Coast Community College District is installing a new automatic MySite Password Recovery function. This will be a one-time set up which replaces the three security questions which were previously used. The first time you log in to your MySite account after this new function is installed, you will need to set up an alternate email for the recovery function to use. Please review the instructions attached. Get started by going to

How to Set-Up Alternate Email Password Recovery [PDF]


Set Up Your Alternate E-Mail on MyGWC so You Can
Reset Your Own Password

You can now reset your own MyGWC password. Next time you log in to your MyGWC account you will be asked to input an alternate email address, and follow the following steps:

Step 1
Log-in to MySite / MyGWC

Step 2
Upon first log-in, the following page will appear – 1) Enter your alternate e-mail address (note that you CANNOT use a CCCD e-mail address, either or CCCD work e-mail addresses); 2) Click “Submit”

Step 3
A confirmation page listing the alternate e-mail address where the verification e-mail has been sent will display. 3) Click “Continue” to access your MySite account

Step 4
Within 1 hour of password recovery set-up, access the e-mail account used as the Alternate E-mail Address for Password Recovery.  4) Click on the hyperlink titled “Click here to activate your alternate e-mail address” – if a hyperlink does not display, copy and paste the link into a browser.

Step 5
A confirmation page stating that the Alternate E-mail for Password Recovery set-up is complete will open. 5) Click on “Close” to close the browser window.

• If you do not use the link within the allotted time period, you will need to repeat the process the next time you log-in to The following screen will appear:

• If you make multiple attempts, make sure to use the latest e-mail sent to you, otherwise you will receive an error.
• Do not block e-mails from Coast Community College District. If you do not see the validation e-mail in your in-box, check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder.