IMPORTANT – New Mandated Limits on Course Repeats – Three Strikes Rule

Change in the No-Penalty Withdrawal Deadline

Effective summer 2012, the No-Penalty Withdrawal Deadline will be shortened to coincide with the new State regulations.  This means that the period to withdraw without penalty (no transcript notation, not counted in repeatability and/or progress probation or disqualification) will be shortened from 30% of the length of class to the first to 20%.  For full-term classes, no transcript notation will be made for official withdrawals made during  the first two weeks of the semester.  For specific dates, refer to your Student Class Program (Web Schedule Bill) or download the free app from the app stores and find it on your Smartphone!  

Official withdrawals made after the 2nd week and before the end of the 12th week of the term (75% of the term) will be counted toward repeatability limits as well as be counted toward progress probation and disqualification.  W’s are not used in grade point average calculation.

Withdrawals are not permissible after the 12th week for full-term courses or 75% for short-term courses.  After that deadline, student must be assigned a grade (A, B, C, D, F, P or NP).

We recommend students consult with a counselor regarding the consequences of withdrawing from courses.

Course Repeats and Withdrawals

Effective summer of 2012, the regulations on how many times a student can repeat (attempt) a course will change.  Now the rule is “Three Strikes.”  You only get three chances to pass a course.  That is the same as saying that you can only attempt to successfully repeat a course twice after receiving a D, F, NP, or W.  There are two differences between the current regulations and the new ones that are important to note.

  • A W will count as having attempted a course.  W’s count as a strike.
  • These changes are retroactive.  Classes taken anytime within the Coast District (Golden West, Orange Coast or Coastline) before summer 2012 will be counted. For example, if you took a course before summer 2012 and got a substandard grade, enrolled again and withdrew, enrolled again and received a substandard grade (D, F, and NP) OR withdrew again, that is three strikes and you are done.  You can no longer enroll in that course again within the Coast District.  (GWC, OCC or CCC)Another example is if you took a course twice and withdrew twice, you can only enroll in that course one more time.  Remember you only get three strikes..

Download document: Summer ’12 Updates2