ASGWC President’s Welcome Letter

A.S. President’s Welcome Letter

By: Dale Lendrum

As a native Southern Californian and a resident of Huntington Beach for over 12 years, I have had a love for the ocean for all of my days. I feel alive in the water, refreshed.

As a child, I was amazed by its beauty and strength.

As I grew older and became interested in Oceanography in middle school, I discovered that the ocean is filled with opportunities for more than just its inhabitants.

For every form of plant life, every living sea creature, every man, woman, and child, there is the opportunity to co-exist in an environment of majesty and wonder.

The opportunity to explore the vastness of its regions and discover the wonder of its ways has called sweetly like the Siren to many over the centuries. And the more we have explored, the more we have discovered.

There is another ocean a few miles inland from the H.B. shores abundantly filled with such opportunities.

Golden West College is not just an institution of higher learning, but a wondrous ocean waiting to be explored, discovered.

A culturally diverse student population co-existing and learning among an environment of abundant tree and plant life and award winning gardens is our seascape.

And Golden West College is our canvas.

We explore the vast regions of academia and activity, we discover our opportunities, our possibilities, we have tested the waters of our futures and we have jumped in head first.

This semester there will be much talk amongst students about tuition hikes, fee increases, waitlists, and fewer sections offered. Budget cuts at the State Level have “forced” our students to pay more for fewer opportunities. I share their concerns and welcome their feedback.

But let me offer you a glimpse below the surface if I may?

As a Student Government Leader for three years and a journalist for the Western Sun Newspaper for one, I have explored areas and depths of this ocean at Golden West College with much curiosity. This is what I have discovered.

From the dedicated crew at Maintenance & Operations who are on the job, preparing the campus before most of us are awake, to the Administration which have to make the hard, and often unpopular decisions in times of crisis, I have witnessed and worked behind the scenes with members of this campus community whose sole focus has been, and  remains, to provide the best quality of service to its students regardless of the continued lack of financial commitment by the State of California and in spite of misguided public opinion at times.

There is not an employee on this campus that I am aware of that has not had to make sacrifices personally, financially, or otherwise, to ensure that this ocean continues to sustain itself.

The type of teamwork, dedication, and commitment that I have witnessed during these times of economic crisis deserves to be applauded and appreciated on a daily basis as a fine example of “leadership through crisis.”

Our instructors and professors do not merely educate us; they sit on various campus-wide committees throughout the year with classified staff, administrators, deans and students in the shared governance process.

So please join me in taking a moment this semester to thank a member of this campus community for their continued commitment and sacrifice on our behalf.

Enjoy your semester. Be alive! Be refreshed! And explore your “Oceans of Opportunity.”

Dale Lendrum
ASGWC President