Open Council Positions – Apply for a Student Leadership Position

ASGWC Student Government is looking to fill two vacant council positions.  The two student leadership positions available are:

Activities Commissioner and Finance Commissioner

To learn more about the duties and responsibilities of these council offices, read through the Standing Rules that are linked to Commitments section of the Student Council Application Packet Summer 2014-15 vacant positions.

Here are just a few of the many the many benefits of joining Student Council:

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Try out new ideas where you can learn through experiences in a safe environment
  • Gain knowledge and hands-on experience of group dynamics, team-building, and shared decision making
  • Work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and administrators to create change and improve students’ experiences on campus
  • Develop and practice your communication and public speaking skills
  • Positively affect your academic achievement through involvement and participation on your campus

Students involved in leadership activities have higher levels of educational attainment and openly demonstrate personal change than do students who do not participate in these activities. (Astin, 1993)