Publicity Posting Guidelines

Golden West College Publicity Posting Guidelines

Posting and materials distribution on the Golden West College campus is limited to the areas described in these guidelines. Posting in other areas or on other surfaces on the campus is prohibited.

To continue receiving sign shop services, all publicity (including any materials used to post, such as tape, staples, etc.) must be taken down 24 hours after the event has been completed. If the publicity is not tied to a date, it may remain posted as long as it is in good (legible and not torn) condition. Any violation to this policy may result in action by the Publicity Committee.

I. Publicity for College Events

A. Kiosks/Bulletin Boards (locations available in the Student Activities Office)

1. Maximum size 22” by 28” inches
2. All signs must be thumb tacked down (no glue, staples or tape)
3. Kiosks/Bulletin Boards are cleaned every Friday afternoon
4. No Sign may cover another sign

B. Glass Bulletin Boards

1. Only available for Associated Students publicity materials.
2. Locations are in Associated Students Office, request keys from Associated Student staff.

C. Banners

1. Student Center

a. Only with approval from the Publicity Committee or Public Relations Officer.

2. ASGWC Banner Board (South Library, facing Quad)

a. Only Associated Student and College-wide Sponsored events may be posted

b. Special permission may be given by the Student Activities Office for the use of this board

3. On ground (walkways)

a. Prime locations available from Student Activities Office

b. Must be Masking Tape

4. Use of ASGWC Banner poles

a. Only with approval from the Student Activities Office Staff

D. Stakes

1. Banners

a. Prime locations available from the Student Activities Office

b. Supplies available in Student Activities Office

c. Posters 22” x 28”

d. Stake signs can only be placed on campus grassy areas

E. Flyers

1. Appropriate distribution areas are available in the Student Activities Office

F. On Campus Marquees

1. Marquee request forms are available in the Student Activities Office

2. Requests are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority to Associated Students events.

II. Publicity of commercial and/or off campus events

A. Commercial advertising is generally restricted on campus

1. Exceptions may be made by the Student Activities Director if the commercial activity is campus sponsored or educationally related

2. The only areas available for off-campus publicity are on the outside Kiosks and Bulletin Boards

B. Western Sun – GWC Newspaper

Commercial advertising/ads may be placed in the campus newspaper. Contact advertising editor at (714) 895-8256, Humanities Building, Room 311 for Information regarding the cost of ads.

C. Employment Opportunities

Contact campus Jobs Placement Office (714) 895-8711 in the Student Services wing of the Administration Building. Employers interested in hiring students should contact this office in order to post job listings. All job announcements must be offered through the Job Placement Office.

D. Student Housing Board

Information Regarding rentals and roommates must be posted on this board. Contact the Student Activities Office (714) 895-8261, Student Center 201. This board is located in the Student Center, 1st floor.

E. Leaflet Distribution

1. Prior approval required through Student Activities Office (714) 895-8261, Student Center 201

2. No distribution of commercial or anonymous materials

3. No leaflets containing obscene, libelous, or slanderous material

4. Student Activities staff will determine the time, place and manner of material/leaflet distribution. Such distribution will be limited to a table at a site determined by the Student Activities staff. This site must be identified with the organization’s name

5. Active solicitation of handing out of material is not permitted

6. The area around leaflet distribution points must be cleaned following the activity

7. Leafleting of parking lot areas is prohibited. If caught the college will bill the responsible company for the cleaning cost.

Additional Publicity Guidelines:

A. Do not remove any publicity except your own.
B. Do not use tape on painted surfaces.
C. Do not place advertisement on cars.
D. Do not tape posters/flyers to pillars, railings, tables, buildings, or windows.
E. Do not post any publicity inside walls of Library, classrooms, the Administration Building, or the bathrooms without the permission of that specific area.
F. Do not cover other publicity.
G. Do not use unauthorized amplifying equipment of other media.