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Fran Faraz
Peace Studies Coordiantor

Karen Dickerson
Peace Studies Counselor

Dr. Dave Hudson

Dean of Arts and Letters

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Fran Faraz – Club Advisor

Paul Tayyar – Co Advisor

Janet Chavarria – President
Ann Vu – Vice President

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A major in Liberal Arts with concentration in Peace Studies is excellent preparation for those seeking to pursue careers in international affairs, whether through the Foreign Service, Peace Corps, the United Nations, or international Non-Governmental Organizations. Areas of involvement might include human rights, social and economic development, disarmament, conflict analysis, and general peacemaking. The student seeing a domestic career may find work as a mediator or conflict resolution specialist, a human relations specialist, or an educator.

Above all else, the Peace Studies program teaches critical analysis; the art and science of investigating problems from all angles. This skill is indispensable in a wide variety of for-profit and non-profit careers, such as:

Be a leader towards a peaceful future