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Academic Senate

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Academic Senate Members 2014/2015

Academic Senate Members 2014-15 By Department with Term PDF

Members in Alphabetical Order By Last Name

Bennett, Jaima
CCI Chair

Best, Amanda
Fine Arts/IPD Chair

Bouzar, Pete
Math/Senate VP #2

Carr, Gregg
Learning Resources/College Success

Carter, Warren
Computer Science/Digital Arts/Digital Media/Design

Clinch, Charles
Part-time Faculty

Garcia, Gonzalo

Hausey, Collette

Hinton, Karen

Holland, Jon

Isonio, Steve
Social and Behavioral Sciences

Levin, Noah
Liberal Arts and Culture/Senate VP #1


Marchbank, Chip

Pizano, Veronica
World Languages/Sign

Plaster, Nikki
Biological Sciences

Potts, Eva
Health Professions

Ramm Engle, Martie
Theater Arts & Dance/Senate President

Shaughnessy, Mike
Health, Physical Educations & Athletics

Sillings, Don
English as a Second Language

Tayyar, Paul

Wilcox, Jennifer
Physical Sciences


• Automotive Technology, Renewable Energy, Architecture
• Business/Management/Marketing
• Communication Studies/Journalism
• Computer Business Applications/Floral/ Environmental Studies/Drafting
• Criminal Justice
• Associated Students Representative